"If you keep up with your favorite feeds using LiveBookmarks, LiveClick looks like a must-have"
-- Lifehacker

"Greatly recommended for every intensive web feeds user"
-- Mozilla Links

"An excellent add-on for anyone who is using Live Bookmarks"
-- etc.

"Fixes the biggest fault with Live Bookmarks"

"Fills in the holes when it comes to live bookmarks"
-- Firefox Facts

"Eliminates needless clutter"
-- Everything Else

"Extremely useful"
-- Perfect Symmetry

3/5 stars
-- The Firefox Review

"So obvious ... What can I say but 'duhh'?"
-- PixelCarnage

"There is no reason why you should not be using this extension"
-- Web Developers

*** Firefox 3 users: Please see this post ***

Live Bookmarks are one of Firefox's best features, but they're missing a way to quickly access a Live Bookmark's home page without having to create an additional bookmark, go through lots of extra clicks, or (::shudder::) type in the address manually.

LiveClick is a Firefox extension that fixes this oversight. All you have to do is specify a location in the Live Bookmark's properties. Then, whenever you click the livemark (or the "Open Location" popup menu item), your livemark will behave like an actual, clickable bookmark.

Before LiveClick
Longer menus, redundant bookmarks, only half of which are actually clickable

Optimized for LiveClick
Fewer bookmarks, all clickable, plus popup options

LiveClick provides other enhancements for your Live Bookmarks, such as:

Styles for read/unread items
Easily distinguish the Live Bookmark items you've read from the ones you haven't. Learn more...

Monitoring new items
Be notified when select Live Bookmarks have new items. Learn more...

Favicons for livemarks
Use site icons (aka favicons) in place of the default orange icon. Learn more...

Feed previews
Preview a site's feed by right-clicking the orange icon in the address bar. Learn more...

"Live Bookmark This Page"
Create Live Bookmarks easily by right-clicking the page or a feed link. Learn more...

Fully localized: en-US, de-DE, es-AR*, fr-FR, he-IL*, hu-HU, it-IT, ja-JP, nl-NL, pl-PL, ru-RU, zh-CN*
Partially localized: es-ES, pt-BR
* Asterisked locales are not yet available through; please download this version instead.

View the FAQ for more information and screenshots. View the Install Page to download or see the change log. If you notice any unexpected behavior due to incompatible browser settings, operating systems, themes, or other extensions, please let me know.

The liveclick project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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