LiveClick is a Firefox extension that turns livemarks into clickable bookmarks. In other words, LiveClick allows you to assign a location URL to any live bookmark and treat the livemark (the folder in your bookmarks menu or toolbar) like an actual, clickable bookmark. Why is LiveClick useful? Because it 1) makes livemarks a bit more functional and 2) lets you bookmark another page from the same site (i.e. the home page) without having to create a separate bookmark.

Let's look at an example. Say you subscribe to a site's Live Bookmark. Firefox consumes the feed and adds the individual feed items to your bookmarks menu (and the toolbar, if you placed your Live Bookmark there). This is great when you want to access the latest news or blog items from the site, but it isn't as efficient as it should be when you want to access the site's home page. To do that, you'd have to click a feed item, wait for the page to load, find the link to the home page, and then wait for that to load. Or worse, you could create a separate static bookmark to the home page. Take a look at this redundant bookmarks folder.

With LiveClick, you eliminate the need for extra clicks and extra bookmarks. When you create a Live Bookmark or modify its properties, you'll be able to specify a static location in addition to the feed location.

Now click the livemark and you'll be brought to the specified page. Again, the livemark is the label with the icon; look where the cursor is in the picture below. LiveClick also adds a couple of options to the popup menu, like "Open Location" or "View Feed" if you prefer to navigate that way. Look at the folder, now optimized for LiveClick.

How do I add a Live Bookmark?
There are two traditional ways to add a Live Bookmark in Firefox.

1. If you are currently viewing a site that offers an RSS feed, you will see the orange RSS icon on the far right side of the address bar. Click the icon to open an "Add Live Bookmark" dialog.

2. If you know the URL of the RSS feed, you can manually create a new Live Bookmark from the Bookmarks Manager. From your browser, click Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks. From the Bookmarks Manager, click File > New Live Bookmark.

Visit this page for visual instructions on these methods.

LiveClick provides more ways to add Live Bookmarks. Click here for more information on this feature.

How do I manually set a Live Bookmark's location?
In the same way you'd modify any properties of a bookmark. First open the properties dialog by right clicking the Live Bookmark in question and selecting "Properties." Then enter the address of the page you want to bookmark in the "Location" field. The "Feed Location" field should remain the address of the feed.

I clicked on a livemark but it didn't go to the page I expected. Why?
- or - Nothing happens when I click on a livemark. Why?
- or - I get a prompt saying a Live Bookmark has no location. Why?
If you use the first method above to add a Live Bookmark, Firefox automatically fills in the "Location" field. It uses the address you're visiting at the time you create the Live Bookmark. Occasionally, this is not the page you expect, but you can easily change the location in the bookmark's properties (see the previous question).

If you used the second method above to create a Live Bookmark before installing LiveClick, Firefox left the "Location" field blank (and did not allow you to change it). With LiveClick installed, simply open up the bookmark's properties and specify a location (see the previous question).

Why doesn't LiveClick work with livemarks on the bookmarks toolbar?
Unlike livemarks in the bookmarks menu and livemarks in a folder/subfolder of the bookmarks toolbar, moving your mouse over a livemark located directly on the bookmarks toolbar will not open up the submenu that contains the feed items. You can only display those feed items by clicking the livemark, which means you can't apply LiveClick to it. You can, however, use the "Open Location" link that pops up in the submenu.

When I middle click a livemark, it no longer opens in tabs. Why?
By default, LiveClick emulates the behavior of middle clicking a bookmark so that when you middle click a livemark, it opens the specified location in a new tab. You can restore the default Firefox behavior (which is to open all feed items in tabs when you middle click a livemark) by visiting LiveClick's options.

What does "View Feed" do?
Just as it sounds, the "View Feed" option lets you quickly access a site's feed from the bookmarks menu or toolbar. This brings Firefox one step closer to becoming an entirely browser-based feed viewer. Firefox 1.5 does not display RSS files very well, so I also suggest using the extension Feedview.

I want to rearrange my bookmarks menu. Can I drag and drop livemarks?
Firefox does not allow you to rearrange livemarks as easily as normal bookmarks. If you hold down the Shift key as you drag and drop a livemark, you can move the livemark to any spot except: 1) the top of the menu, if the first bookmark is a livemark; 2) between two other livemarks; 3) between a livemark and a separator; or 4) at the bottom of the menu, if the last bookmark is a livemark. Please note that this is a feature/limitation of Firefox, not LiveClick.

The Bookmarks Manager allows you to rearrange your livemarks without any limitations. To access the Bookmarks Manager from your browser, click Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks.

With which versions of Firefox is LiveClick compatible?
The official build of LiveClick works with Firefox versions 1.5 and 2.0, as well as all versions in between. I will not support previous versions of Firefox.

If you are a developer, please note: LiveClick will not work with Bon Echo Alpha 1, Gran Paradiso Alpha 5+, or any nightly builds that implement Places.

If you encounter any problems after upgrading to a new version of this extension, uninstall LiveClick by clicking Tools > Extensions to bring up the Extensions Manager, then highlight the LiveClick entry and click the "Uninstall" button. Afer restarting your browser, try to install LiveClick again.

More features of LiveClick:

The liveclick project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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