LiveClick provides two methods of monitoring Live Bookmarks for new items: Alert and Autoload. All monitored feeds will obey whichever rule you select in LiveClick's options.

Important! LiveClick uses your browser's history to determine when Live Bookmark items are new/read/unread. If you clear your history (manually or automatically), all Live Bookmark items will revert to "unread" status.

NOTE: Alerts only work on Windows and Linux. This is a limitation of Firefox, not LiveClick.

If you choose "Alert" as your monitor, you will receive an alert when the Live Bookmark is updated with new items. The alert resembles the one Firefox gives when you complete a download. It displays the name of the site and the number of new items.

Click the alert to load the site in a new tab. By default, LiveClick will load the site location if there are multiple new item or the new item if it is the lone new item. You can change this behavior in LiveClick's options.


If you choose "Autoload" as your monitor, the new items will be loaded in background tabs instead of notifying you with alerts. When multiple new items are found, the site location will be loaded in a background tab. When one new item is found, that item will be loaded in the background. You can change this behavior in LiveClick's options.

LiveClick does not automatically select which Live Bookmarks to monitor. You will have to do this manually. To monitor a Live Bookmark, open its properties dialog (right-click the bookmark and select "Properties"). Look for the setting: "Monitor this feed for new items". Check the box and click the OK button.

Repeat this process for any other Live Bookmark you wish to monitor. You can also visit LiveClick's options to check/uncheck multiple feeds at once. There is no limit to the number of monitors, but you may notice a decrease in Firefox's performance if you use too many. We recommend having no more than 5-10 monitors or limiting monitors to feeds with irregular updates.

You will be notified about new items when the monitored Live Bookmark is next updated. By default, Firefox checks for updated Live Bookmarks every time Firefox starts and every 60 minutes after that. You can change the time interval in LiveClick's options.

Why does the "new" Live Bookmark count reset every time I restart Firefox?
When you restart Firefox, LiveClick is unable to distinguish new items from unread ones. If you did not previously mark all items as read, LiveClick assumes all unread items are also new. When Firefox nexts check the Live Bookmark, it will correctly report the number of new items.

Why do "read" Live Bookmark items become "unread" again?
LiveClick uses your browser's history to determine when Live Bookmark items are read or unread. If your history is cleared, all Live Bookmark items will revert to "unread" status. If this is a problem, try setting the History option "Remember visited pages" to a higher number of days. You may also wish to avoid using the "Clear Browsing History Now" and "Clear Private Data" options or external programs like CCleaner.

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